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More Than Showing A Home And Sending An Offer

  • Pre-Inspection:

    • Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes buyers make, is that they go with their Realtor to see a home, and think the home looks great.  They put an offer down and then realize that their are problems with the home.  With the Shudnow Team, we do a (non legal) pre-inspection of the home, while showing you the home.  While this pre-inspection does not catch all possible issues with the home, it catches many, and allows the buyer to know what he or she is getting in to before the offer is made.
    • Don’t waste money and time on a home that will not work for you.
  • Pricing:

    • Most Realtors and Buyers start with the list price of a home and work from there.  This is a HUGE mistake.
    • Each home should be priced in comparison to closed comparables.  This will allow the buyer to know what he or she should look to pay for the home.
    • Don’t wast money and time arguing about a list price.
  • Negotiating:

    • Negotiating is an art not a science.  Just like all arts, negotiating can be taught to some degree, but to be truly great, a person must be born with the skill and instincts to be a great negotiator.
    • Marc Shudnow, just happens to have the skill and instincts in negotiating to get the best deal for his clients.
  • Inspection:

    • The inspection and understanding the issue and associated costs from those issues is crucial.  An inspectors job is to find the problems and report them to the buyer.  A good Realtor would be able to give some guidance on the issues.  A great Realtor, can not only help guide the buyer, but will also be able to understand the actual problem, the possible fixes for it, and the costs associated with those fixes.
    • Marc & Iva Shudnow used to own a Home Inspection Company, and currently buy homes, fix them up, and resell them.  The “Truly” understand.
  • Mortgages:

    • The mortgage process can be daunting.  Dollars here, dollars there, dollars everywhere, not to mention the paperwork.  A great Realtor will be able to help walk you through the process.
    • Marc & Iva Shudnow started in the financial world, before working as Realtors.  Iva worked for Chase Bank and Marc is a Certified Public Accountant and use to be a Mortgage Loan Officer as well.
    • Who better to be your advocate with the bank, than ex-bankers themselves?

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