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Homes Do Sell!

If Your Home Didn’t Sell, This Page Is For You!

If you are on this page, chance are that you tried to sell your home through a Realtor and it didn’t work.

My wife Iva and I understand that you are probably a bit upset and disappointed that the home did not sell, and are very skeptical about trusting any Realtor again.

We get it!

That is why I wrote a book Sold!  How To Sell Homes Others Couldn’t Sell  published by Legacy Media.

This is a REAL BOOK, not some internet downloadable pdf, it retails for $19.99 and is a 94 page book chocked full of information to help you sell your home.

I will mail this book out to you for FREE.


My hope is that you will read my book, learn from it, and that would realize that my wife and are are TRUE PROFESSIONAL REALTORS, and when the time is right for you, you will call us to help you sell it.

Marc Shudnow

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