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More than throwing it up on the MLS and Sticking a Sign in the Ground:

  • Staging:

    • When we talk about staging, we are not talking about just rearranging the furniture, and putting away some clutter.  We are talking about everything from curb appeal, the entry way, the basement and everything in between.  Our team will go through the house with you and help you make the most of your homes value.
    • 80% of our suggestions cost less than $100 to do, and will help the home close 55% faster and for 4.6% more (on average). 
  • Pricing:

    • There is a method to proper pricing.
      • When a home is under priced, it typically never reaches its potential, and thus the seller loses money.
      • When a home is over priced, it typically sits on the market to long, and becomes stale.  It ultimately sells for less money than it should have, and the seller loses money.
    • The best strategy for any seller it to pick a price that will attract a large number of buyers, thus creating demand for the home, and hold that price.
  • Marketing:

    • Marketing is crucial for any home to attract the largest number of buyers possible to come view the home.
    • In today’s world the largest vehicle for advertising is the internet.  The internet is NOT FREE.  The Realtor who is willing to:
      • Pay to insure his or her listings show up on as many sites as possible, and to rank high on the searches,
      • Spend the time to insure that his or her listings continue to be refreshed on the sites, and attract views,
      • “Wins The Game!” and will gain many more showings for his or her clients homes.
  • Negotiating:

    • Don’t leave anything on the table.
    • When it comes to negotiating, it does not end when the contract is signed.  Many buyers look at the inspection as a 2nd round of negotiations.
    • If your Realtor does not understand the nuances of negotiation tactics and or the repairs that may be necessary, you will lose money.
    • Luckily, Marc understands both, intimately, and will make you $1000’s of dollars more.

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